It's rare for me to find some alone time nowadays. Everyday has been filled with people and tasks; though I am not complaining. It's hard to just take a breather and relax. When I'm not doing one thing, something else pops up. Down the street from my house is a wonderful park that seems to just go on and on. I remember going often when I was young to visit the library and read books. Now I only come to visit when I'm in need for some nature-esq backgrounds. 

Originally, my plan was to just quickly shoot these photos and then go back home to work on other things. But after lounging around the grass, I realized how much I needed to get away from technology and society. The sun was out, but the breeze was slight. The air was chilly, but the rays from the sun danced along my skin keeping me warm. Essentially, it was a wonderful day to be outdoors. 

The perfect "me time" picnic involves a minimal amount of things: a big blanket or towel, a sunhat, some sunnies, a comfy pair of slippers, a book, and some snacks. Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, has been one of my all time favorites. I have this love for fantasy and romance, and this novel has the perfect amount for both. There's something about reading fantasy novels that just takes my mind of reality - the perfect escape. My choice of snack for that day was Epic Seed's Greek yogurt and chia seed in their delicious blueberry flavor! Their yogurt is all the healthy stuff your body needs like calcium, antioxidants, protein, omega3, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and iron! Crazy amount of nutrition all in one itty bitty container. On my face I'm wearing the Memebox x Pony eyeshadow palette in #02 Pink Bloom with the #03 Orange Dahlia lipstick. The subtle pinks with the pop of orange made the perfect summer pair. With a happy tummy, great music, and a novel that I could read over and over again, what else could I possibly want in a little getaway? 

H&M sunhat
The Well See No Evil sunglasses
ZARA dress
YRU slip-ons

Happy Summer!

PS: this would also be a cute summer date for you and your boo. (;