Don't Cross That River My Love

UNIF Choker | Shirt by InQ | Labyrinth Hi Platforms by Y.R.U  

I'm sure love is wonderful thing
to love is to live
and in the end
we're curious creatures
searching for meaning to both.

Relationships never came easy for me. And to be quite frank.. I don't understand a thing about them. All I know is that when you love a person you'll just know. There's no exact way to explain it, it'll just happen. I guess that's why the one piece of advice I can give is: let everything come naturally. Whether I find out what that feels like a week from now or three years from now, who knows? But when I do, I'll be sure to share with y'all my knowledge. 


An oppa of mine, InQ, mailed me this shirt the day before I left to Korea. He is a gifted soul whose individuality shines through his artistic capabilities. You might have seen his designs and combinations of well-known graphics of certain brands surfing around the web. But basically, just check him out and show some love to all he does ~  

When traveling, I find that comfortability plays a huge part in my outfits. The best way to stay cozy while still making a statement is to go with the tshirt-dress look. This shirt has a rugged melancholy feel to it, so I decided to play around with that overall theme by wearing thigh-high platforms and a bulky choker. To show the details of my outfit, I styled my hair in two buns - which actually gives it a playful touch.

Location: Garosugil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea