Wildfox Sunglasses | A Piece of Me Turtleneck Dress by Tobi | Labyrinth Hi Platform by YRU

What should be "sweater weather" has turned into a mid-autumn heat wave. And with the temps going up to the 90s, there's no way this feels like September...but thank you California for your bi-polar weather. 

However, the sun's rays have not stopped me from wearing turtlenecks and thigh highs. There's something with turtlenecks that I find extremely appealing. There's this sense of elegance to it if you know how to find the right ones that fit you and your style, which is why I fell in love with this particular dress from Tobi. The turtleneck dress is both comfortable and stylish. It features mid sleeve slits, showing just a hint of skin and the ribbed knit material flatters all body shapes. I paired this dress with thigh high platform boots made by YRU to allude to the mysterious all-black feel. 

So basically, who says you have to show lots of skin to be sexy? Just be you; that's all you need.