14 subway stops, lots of walking, and humidity! Man was it a journey just to get to Hongdae to do some much needed shopping. I absolutely love this place. It's not so touristy like Myeongdong and it's not all "ritzy" like Gangnam. Hongdae has a youthful vibe, perhaps because it's a university town. There's shopping, clubs, food, and street entertainment. Great for young adults!

Originally I was wearing a simple crop top and jeans outfit for this 'venture but I couldn't handle the heat, and after shopping at Stylenanda I walked into Hongdae in a colorful and bold poofy high waisted skirt. Think Electro Chic! I'm loving how the brightness of the skirt sings with my hair!

Lemonade in a bag is a great refresher for a hot day!

One of my favorite things about Hongdae is the street performers and artists. You can always find musicians singing in the streets while artists sit waiting for their next muse! I got the chance to be drawn by this lovely university student! ^_^

Don't we look alike?

Hongdae was definitely one of my favorite spots in Seoul. I went there three times on my trip! It was really fun to be surrounded by all these university students - especially now that I am one!

Stay tuned for the next post and comment below your thoughts!

Free People Floppy Hat
Stylenanda Sunflasses
KM Play Crop Top
Carmar Boyfriend Jeans
Stylenanda Skirt
Oxfords from KM Play

Lip Pigment is "Electro Pink" by 3CE of Stylenanda