Tucked inside an alleyway in the middle of Saigon is Fix Republic, a vintage cafe where film photographers, artists, and musicians drink their Lemon Tea (Trà Chanh), play music, gather, and take pictures. This little cafe is a tranquil escape from the crowded, bustling city. It took me back into a world of nostalgia and wonder, where you can find the hipsters of Saigon relaxing and enjoying life.

There was sudden bursts of rainfall that made it appropriate to wear a hoodie in hot Vietnam. This Dimepiece LA cropped hoodie is undoubtedly one of my favorite fall/winter pieces. If you live in a place where this season is quite warm, try cutting one of your hoodies for a new piece to play with in your wardrobe!

Photographed by Nau JP
Makeup by Mickey Nguyen

Pop Killer Sunglasses
Dimepiece LA Cropped Hoodie
Wildfox Denim Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell Boots