This outfit is actually quite simple despite all the different textures going on. It only consists of three main pieces: oversized black and white flannel, high waisted army green jeans, and construction platform boots. The overall look is fairly tomboyish. Great for when you're feeling rough and ready to explore. I topped the look with two different hats. The first hat is a pilot hat with wool interior and the second is a creme color fur hat. Both hats add a certain edge to the outfit (while keeping my head warm of course!) Lastly, I wore a brown leather jacket with fur accents on the edge of the sleeves as well as the inside.

I love being around nature. There's something about being surrounded by trees and away from the city that is so calming. The crisp and cold air during this time of year....the smell of pine trees and the sound of birds and critters. Just taking a walk through the forest is an adventure in itself! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time prepping for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

DPC Pilot Hat
Gap Fur Hat
Banana Republic Jacket
Audrey 3+1 Flannel
Carmar Jeans 
Jeffrey Campbell Boots