"When you model, there's no way you can't notice yourself. Do you know what I mean? Because you're constantly surrounded by people saying, 'Oh, she's too short, she's too skinny, she's this, she's whatever.' And you're right there. They're talking about you, and you're right there." - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is currently one of my favorite models, not just for her looks but for her personality. I love how crazy and whimsical she is. She has such a great identity for herself and she doesn't let anyone get in the way with that. Her free-spirit and free will to do what she wants is so admirable. Wearing this shirt is like a little token of her to remind me to always be me and to always have fun with what I do! (As you can so tell from this set of photos!)

This outfit is a rather crazy outfit, so to tone it down a bit I paired the busy top with black bottoms. The distressed socks, gold accents on the boots, and bomber jacket adds to the overall edgy biker feel of this look.

Thank you @jmr_aof for my shirt!

Eleven Paris Cara Tee
Harajuku Lovers Bomber Jacket
Shorts from China
Socks from Betsey Johnson
YRU Platform Boots