Casually channeling my inner Cleopatra in the middle of the hallways of our studio in downtown ... as my manager would say.

After waking up at 4AM, I was able to cope this sport bra and beanie from the Alexander Wang for H&M collection. This was the first time I went to a release of a collection and man was it such an intense experience. Getting in line, waiting for your group to go in, having only a limited amount of time, and the adrenaline of it all! Crazy stuff right there. But all in all, it was still such a memorable time.

This look is very very me. Black on black on black with a pop of graphic, aka my go-to outfit. For me, when my brain is not fully awake enough to figure out what I want to channel for the day, a beanie, crop top, high waisted shorts, thigh high socks, and platform heels is what I throw on. This sport bra highlights "WANG" down the center where a zipper is also hidden - also uber convenient! People either love or hate this beanie. I love this, but it depends on the outfit! Unlike most beanies, this one sticks up and is quite heavy. It's definitely a statement piece, which is why I rather style it simple.

2/4 of John Park photography series! What's next?

Alexander Wang x H&M Beanie
Alexander Wang x H&M Sport Bra
ZARA Men's Jacket
H&M Shorts
Steve Madden Platform Boots