The OC Mix may not look like much except for a bunch of furniture stores, but it's actually a great place to hang out. Hidden in the heart of the OC Mix are trendy local boutiques and restaurants! You can shop for records, accessories, clothing, spices, or hardware while grabbing ice cream, waffles, acai bowls, oyster, or even tacos. But I come here for Portola Coffee Lab.

Portola is a neat little coffee shop that aims to bring their coffee from their farms to our cups. Just opening the door, you are overwhelmed by the smell of their coffee brewing. Young adults crowd the tables and bars with their laptops and books. People shop at the neighboring boutiques. It's a relaxing place where you can get high-quality coffee to study without being disturbed. It's the perfect little get-away when you're in need of a coffee break. Once you're done, you can go explore the rest of the plaza or even just sit outside in the courtyard! 

This is the first of my series "'Ventures with Vi" or "VV," where I show you guys some of my favorite places to go to! Stay tuned for more! Happy adventuring!

3313 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Katsumi Sweater
Layer 8 Sport Jacket
Motel Rocks Top
Skirt from LF Stores
Joyrich Fanny Pack
Jeffrey Campbell Platforms