Bratz Dolls used to be my favorite dolls after I graduated from Barbies. They all had this sassy, edgy style to them that was just so appealing to my young fashion senses. Now that I'm older, I've grown from dressing up dolls to dressing up myself!

This outfit is the epitome of spunk. For this look I wanted to showcase the power of two images. While the front of this outfit contrast minimal crop top with plaid distressed jeans, the back expresses a sexier top paired with medium washed denim. To bring cohesion to both vibes, I topped the look with a dapper pork pie hat and my own killer Bratz Doll platforms.

Exactly one more week until my 19th birthday (March 7th)! I'm sooo excited yet sooo scared. Birthdays are like starting a new chapter in this so called book of life. It's like saying "hey congrats on surviving as an 18 year old. Time to go explore what life's like as a 19 year old. . .good luck!" Looking back, I guess I feel like this every birthday. What will this age bring me? What will I do to make this age meaningful? Will I be any different now that I have one year of experience as an adult? Guess I just have to wait and see!

Pork Pie Hat found from my mum's closet
Groceries Crop Top
Carmar Denim Jeans (also @ LF)
UNIF Dame Platforms (also @ Nasty Gal)