Train stations. There's something about train stations that's just so dreamy. People coming and going. Leaving and arriving. People are always rushing to get from one end to another. We just keep moving. We all have different destinations we're heading towards; it's just the matter of how we get there and who we meet on the way. It's as if we have no time to just stop and breathe. But if we have no time to breathe, how do we know when we've reached our ending point? 

On this journey my destination ended up being the ice cream store, which had the most delicious chocolate covered strawberry ice cream! I know, such a dramatic intro for such a casual post!

A white dress and white heels paired together with a railroad can be quite the story. It's a blank canvas that's simply waiting to be painted on with memories of wander. But to add to this minimal-ness, I added a slight pop of color with a feather headband and my favorite accessory... ice cream!

Headband from DTLA
Drop Low Shift Dress from Tobi
Heels from Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal