Little tops and flowy skirts: the perfect combination for twirling amongst the wildflowers.


Since spring still has that in between feel of warm and cool, it's good to always have a light sweater always with you! As for Coachella, the temperatures can range from 93F during the day to 50F at night. Quite a drastic difference, so be sure to pack something that will keep you from freezing to death!

I like to think of this look as a fun, adventurous girly-girl. I paired the crazy printed crop top with an earthy solid colored skirt, a light blue sweater, and an off-white straw hat. The booties add on to the overall vintage, festival feel.

Straw hat from Urban Outfitters
Sweater from Groceries
Top from Urban Outfitters
Skirt from Urban Outfitters
Boots from Freebird by Steve Madden

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