Concrete Dreamin' on Orion's Belt


Living by the beach, I'm blessed to see at least a dozen stars at night. It's rare to see stars nowadays, especially in the city. One constellation that I'll always remember looking for while growing up was Orion's Belt. I know, that's probably the easiest one to recognize since it's just three itty bitty dots lined up, but you gotta deal with what you got. If I could get the night sky from Zion National Park in Utah and move it over to where I live, I can assure you that all my nights will be spent outside. Alas, I do not have that starry sky and only have road trips and travel journeys to look forward to seeing my stars.

Gold reflective sunnies, leather crop top, floor-length tutu, killer platforms. Channeling my inner badass fairy for the start of summer vacation. This look is all about mixing the hard with the soft. I paired heavy and light materials by wearing a leather crop top and a tulle tutu that I designed. The accessories here are the true statement pieces. These gold reflective lens are pretty out of this universe, not to mention all the studs on these platforms reminds me of baby stars in the vast dark night. (Oh so deep, I know).

So... in light of that, this summer, channel your inner outerspace being and keep on dreaming ~

Millau (LF Stores) Leather Crop Top
Tutu designed by Vi
ORIO Y-R-U Platforms