Ganma Magazine Part 1 | A minimalistic take on the summer to fall transition

So happy to finally announce a new project that I'm a part of: Ganma Magazine! Ganma is a lifestyle and social media magazine. Both online and in hardcopy, people from all over are able to get the latest news on fashion, food, and music in both Chinese and English! 

To find my lookbook spread, head on over to your nearest boba shop or click here!


Vintage Hat / Zara Tunic Vest / Groceries Bra Top / Carmar (LF Stores) Shorts / YRU Platforms

Nothing but monochrome. Summer to fall. 

Two current things that are happening in the fashion world. Monochromatic outfits have been popping up for quite some time now. All white, all black. These looks are both simple but make a statement. For this particular look, I was thinking about the summer to fall transition - that time in between where the warmth of summer still lingers as the breeze of autumn edges on by. 

Since I'm in California, our in-between weather is a bit more on the warmer side. For summer, I'm wearing a bra top with high waisted shorts and platform sandals. To add to the fall feel, I draped a sleeveless tunic vest and wore socks with my shoes. For those of you in areas with colder climates, a long-sleeve vest may be a better option! Little details that point out "cooler weather" makes all the difference! I also particularly have a big soft spot for socks and sandals. 


Stay tuned for part 2 of this lookbook!

Photographed by ruudes