7 billion people | what are the odds that I've met you?

QUAY Australia Sunnies / Esqape Sunnies / Esqape Croptop / Vintage Pants / Shoes from Garosugil

I'm not exactly sure why I thought of that first statement while editing these photos, but something about Dongdaemun Design Plaza just made me feel so small. Thousands of people walk up and down this staircase everyday. There are thousands of people I walked past during my trip to Korea.  There's just so many people living on this planet and we'll never be able to meet all of them. Now looking at it, it's funny to think that of all the people we meet, why did we meet them specifically? Or rather, how on Earth did the red strings of fate bring us to the people in our lives.

Anyways, besides my ramble, this is probably one of my favorite places in Seoul. The Dongdaemun Design Plaza, or DDP, is a beautiful piece of architecture smack in the middle of Dongdaemun. DDP is the home to Seoul's Fashion Week, which is another reason why I wanted to go see it. (Although it wasn't fashion week season when I went, it was still incredible). This is a great place to shop for interesting and artistic knick-knacks, watch live performances, and go to art exhibitions. During the time I was there, there was an Andy Warhol exhibit and a Dior exhibit. DDP is also a lovely place to go to at night, especially for a date. The field lights up in beautiful florescent flowers and the atmosphere is just heart-warming; but for a single girl like me, I just wanted to go shop my loneliness away. /sigh

This outfit that I am wearing was supposed to be for stylish comfort; however, I ended up matching perfectly with the building. I'm wearing a white mock turtleneck that is cropped diagonally with flared vintage pants that I found in my mum's closet. Normally I'd wear higher heels with flared pants; but since these cut right above the ankles, more skin is showing...which makes these cute lower platforms work perfectly for the look.

This is the first of my Korea posts! Stay tuned for more ~

Thank you Steve aka Big Bear for taking me!!