Dare to Exist. Live the Fantasy.

B.REBEL shirt | ZARA jacket | BCBG MAXAZRIA pants | YRU boots

Goodbye, January. This month there has been so many ups and downs, so many obstacles, so many tears, and so many sleepless nights. I've never been so stressed and worried in my entire life. Yet with all this talk of negativity, I am so incredibly grateful. I've learned a lot this month not only about myself but about what I want to do in the future, my career, friends, people, everything. Everyday has been a new learning experience. I feel like I've grown up a bit this month.

I've come to a conclusion that you determine your own happiness and that it's okay to stress out and worry. The stress and worry just goes to show that you are doing something. You have something to stress out and worry about. It may be tough, but in the end as long as you're still happy for something ...  you'll be okay. Remember, we all are fighting our own battles. We will get through this. It's just the beginning of 2016.

B.REBEL is a clothing brand that brings UK inspired street fashion to Vietnam. Over the winter I was lucky to meet Jay, the owner, while I was in Vietnam. Although we couldn't shoot together in Saigon, I brought some pieces back to Los Angeles to share with you all!