"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." - Earl Wilson

H&M Swimsuit | Motel Rocks Coverup

Motel Rocks Swim Suit | Stampd Bomber Jacker


Motel Rocks Top | Eleven Paris Skirt | YRU Platforms

Going on a vacation is an escape from reality. It's leaving your everyday life behind and starting a new short story. 

Nha Trang has always been one of my favorite beach cities. It's crowded and fun and the epitome of the "spring break"  location in Vietnam. Filled with hotels and resorts, thousands of tourists venture to this city in hopes of relaxing and enjoying the warm weather and ocean breeze.

However, when I was there it was starting to storm a bit. Although...that wasn't a problem for me. I love swimming in the rain (in the pool). There's something so calming to that. 

This trip my family and I stayed at Vinpearl Resort, which now has Vinpearl Luxury and Vinpeaerl Premium. Basically, Vinpearl has built an empire on their island. The Resort is the OG Vinpearl. (Pictured in the first part of the post). The Luxury is perfect for couples. (Pictured in the second half of the post).  And the Premium I have yet to explore.

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