Because sometimes music speaks louder than the words I could ever say.

For the past few months I've gone through this sort of musical epiphany-like journey. I was looking for songs that could express my thoughts and make me feel raw emotions. I had tearjerking songs on repeat for hours trying to make sense of the world and what was happening. But throughout this process I've discovered some amazing artists. And aside from the few seconds I've shown on Instagram and Snapchat, I thought I would share with you all what's been on repeat through a playlist.


I had no idea that Spotify was only in the United States, so once I found out I went ahead and made the same playlist on Soundcloud for everyone else! The only downside to this is Soundcloud doesn't offer the full version on some of the songs. ):

But enjoy! I'll try and put more playlists out there and update often! (:

Aside from finding songs, I've also learned that listening to music on different outlets give different feelings and most of all, different qualities. One song you listen to may sound completely different in the car as oppose to built-in speakers on your laptop. However I do think that my favorite way of listening to music would be through earbuds (although blasting sad songs in the car is quite high up there).  Sudio Sweden gave me a pair of their Vasa BLÅ wireless earbuds to test out, and needless to say, they've definitely changed my way of thinking about earbuds. First of all, being wireless made my life so much easier. No more worrying about tangles, and they're great to work out with! It comes with a leather carrying case and 4 extra pairs of sleeves. Yet, my favorite thing about these earbuds would be their studio quality sound. Hearing every little beat and harmony truly makes the difference in a song.

Check out Sudio Sweden here. And don't forget to use my discount code "VictoriaLoi" for 15% off!