Cause every girl needs a squad.

Wearing all LF Stores, Forever 21, H&M, YRU, and Zara

Good friends are hard to come by. 

Introducing my sistars: Riley (purple hair) and Ally (brown hair).  I first met Riley and Ally in 2012 when I was hosting a dance workshop for a flashmob at the 2NE1 concert. Ever since then, we've become sistars. Although we all may not see each other every day, there's truly no difference. There's a certain bond you create with certain people - it's almost like finding a soul mate except a soul friend? Either way, I'm always grateful to have them in my life. Cause really, everything's more fun when I have them.

Squad goals. That's all the talk lately. Who's in your squad? Coachella is one of those events where fashion is everything - aside from the music. And if you're going with your squad, you have to dress in a pack. I'm not one for extremely matchy-matchy outfits. I find it much more interesting to come up with certain themes for certain days. That way, everyone still has their own sense of style. 

Day time looks we went for casual, monochrome, and denim. For a night time look, pastel crewnecks!

Stay tuned for more!