After traveling through Southern Vietnam, I finally made my way to the beautiful Phu Quoc Island. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it was storming! But that wasn't going to stop me from enjoying a bit of time at the beach in my Wildfox Starry Days Vintage Swimsuit! One of my favorite types of swimsuit is the bandeau bikini - it's girly, flirty, and it comes with removable straps. Here are three ways that I styled my bandeau bikini!

1. With Shorts
If you're not ready to go in the water just quite yet, throw on a pair of shorts to play around in! Typically you would see jean shorts being paired with bathing suit tops, but I absolutely adore these purple flower printed shorts. They're comfortable and fun! A perfect pair with the pink star printed top.
Rojas Shorts from ShopHausofLove

2. Accessories
You can't go wrong with adding a bit of arm candy to your beach look! Over the years, I've collected a variety of bracelets from my travels. I love pairing beaded bracelets with colorful "friendship" or "summer camp" bracelets! Definitely gives an island vibe. 
Tip: Start buying a bracelet everywhere you travel! After a while, you'll have a story collection on your wrists. And of course they'll help amph up your outfits!

3. With a Maxi Skirt & Sun Hat
Maxi skirts are the perfect piece to put on after dancing around in the water (or in my case the rain). They're flowy and comfortable. And although they manage to cover your legs (from the sun), they still keep you cool!
Groceries Apparel Maxi Skirt / Callanan Millinery Sun Hat

The storminess of the ocean and the subtle rainfall early in the morning was so relaxing. It was such a great feeling to just sit and watch the waves crash along the shore without any worries. Although I did get caught in heavy rainfall and was stranded inside a cabana for a little bit. It still was a wonderful way to start off my day. 

This post doesn't only pertain to bandeau can style any of your bathing suits with these 3 tips! Going to the beach is all about being comfortable and having fun! So even though it's the end of October, this weather in Southern California is still perfect for the beach. Hope y'all enjoyed this post! Stay healthy and happy!

Let me know your thoughts and how you style your beach looks in the comments below!