After being in Saigon and constantly surrounded by thousands of motorcycles, it was nice to take a little break away from the noises of the big city and explore the simplicity of the highlands of Kontum and Pleiku. Here I felt like I was able to take a breather and just enjoy casually wandering around. We stopped by the beautiful Montagnard Wooden Church and a Catholic Seminary School which also has a museum of the ethnic minority tribes from this area. And since the weather wasn't as hot as Saigon, I finally was able to wear some jackets! 

Ultimately, this outfit revolves around a white top and black bottoms. The first look was taken at the Wooden Church in Kontum. My light blue knit sweater jacket, which added color to the overall black and white look, matched the exterior of the church. The second look was shot at the seminary. After visiting the museum, I was able to borrow this traditional headwear to shoot some photos. The length of this cardigan and the size of the headwear elongated the entire outfit making me feel and look taller.

Exploring Kontum and Pleiku was quite a different experience from the rest of my travels during this trip to Vietnam. Maybe it was the air, the people, the atmosphere - something about it made me feel refreshed and renewed! It really was a great little escape that allowed me to learn a bit more about my country!

h&m Sweater Jacket
Essential by Milano Cardigan
Millau Lace Top
Topshop Crop Top
Carmar High Waisted Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell  Boots