Coat from Garosugil | Millau (LF Stores) Lace Top | Topshop Croptop | Carmar Denim | Stylenanda Heels

Common Ground is a fairly new pop-up container mall located in Gwangjin district in Seoul, South Korea. Inside these containers are several levels of little pop-up shops raging from clothes, shoes, accessories, flowers, toys, and more. It's a really neat place that you will find yourself spending a crazy amount of time (and money) without even realizing it. In the center of the containers is a food truck market and on the top of the containers are restaurants! So, you've pretty much got your food and shopping day all planned out in one little section of Seoul~

I'm, once again, wearing all white, which I guess you can say is definitely part of my style. Monochromatic looks are my favorite and I love playing with different materials to give texture and depth to these overall outfit.