Finding a pair of jeans that fits your body well is probably one of the hardest things a girl can possibly to do. I remember crying when I found the perfect pair of jeans, but they just didn't fit me right. That's when I remembered my mom telling me what her dad used to tell her, "Just because it looks good on the mannequin doesn't mean it will look good on you."

But after much searching, I found a denim brand that I felt was made just for me. I guess finding brands that you truly like and truly suit you is like finding a soulmate. It will take time, but it will happen; and when it does... well, there's no turning back.


I first found out about Carmar Denim through shopping at LF Stores. For years they have been my go-to denim brand, so when they contacted me about doing a collab together you best believe I was stoked out of my mind. 

One of my favorite features this season is lace ups! These lace up shirts from Emma and Sam and lace up bodysuits by Carmar Denim are extremely comfortable and definitely will be a head turner. Because they are already such a big statement themselves, it's best to style them minimally. 

Whether you're looking for skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, moto jeans, flared jeans, ankle jeans, camo print jeans, ripped jeans, high waisted jeans, jeans with leather patches, jeans with suede patches, or even jeans with flannel patches... Carmar Denim has them all. (And that was a mouthful to say aloud).

If you know me, you'll know how much I love platforms. Hence why this season's boots and chunky heels are my absolute favorite. These YRU booties and heels add a spark of edge to any outfit.

Special shoutout to Giulia and Carly from Carmar Denim & Emma and Sam for taking care of me and giving me the opportunity to collab with one of my favorite brands! Always so much love!

Shop these looks at Carmar Denim, Emma and Sam, and YRU!

Photographed by Giulia aka Frankie White

Makeup by Jadyn Ngo