Sometimes a song, a place, or even just the tiniest of scents can bring back a lost memory. It's as if like that memory was simply stuck in a moment of time, waiting to be brought back to life again. We make so many memories every single day and while we forget some, we remember others. 

There's something about being in an empty lobby where countless of people go back and forth day in and day out. All these people live such busy lives in the middle of the city, but in the end they always come home to their lofts bringing along with them new memories they made that day. This set of photos got me feeling that way. 

The soft pink matte leather of these platform heels transforms what would be a devilish and edgy platform heels to something more angelic and baby doll like. I turned this lace top into a lace dress by wearing a tube top and shorts under. The see-through-ness of the dress brings out a certain sexiness and feminine feel to the overall look.

Lace Dress from Korea
UNIF Hellbounds Platforms (can also be found on Dollskill)

Song Inspo: "My Old Story" by IU

Photographed by John Park