Midi, midi, midi skirts! Lately I've been in love with midi skirts! These skirts are so versatile and perfect for this season. You can pair them with a sweater or even a crop top for warmer weather. The choices are limitless! As much as I love them, I'm also quite picky with choosing them. The length for me tends to fall right below my calfs. It's a great length to show off my shoes without being too long or too short. As for the color, I've been very into the whole minimalistic, monochromatic vibe.  (Even though I have this gorgeous print midi skirt from TopShop that I wore to a concert last March). My eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful blush pink from H&M. It's the perfect shade for this upcoming all about love holiday!

Because the skirt and UNIF heels were quite a statement on their own, I toned it down a bit by keeping it simple and paired it with a black long sleeved crop top and minimal necklace. This necklace has two lengths, which accents and elongates the look.

Whether this Saturday is Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day for you, take this time to pamper yourself and dress up a bit! I like to use this day as an excuse to bake cookies and make chocolates to my heart's content! But this year I'll be spending it with a couple of my girl friends to celebrate our singleness (and buy all the half off candy the next day). Brunch plans, baking plans, craft plans? Just a day filled with creativity and sweets!

LF Necklace
Groceries Long Sleeved Crop Top
H&M Skirt
UNIF Dame Platforms

Photographed by John Park