Music festival season is here! Only 1 more month until Coachella! Are you guys as excited as I am? This halter crop top from Tobi is one of my favorite festival gears. It super easy to wear and great for keeping cool in warm weather! With the top being so open, I styled it with a high waisted floor length, light denim washed maxi. But it would also be super cute with jean shorts or even flared jeans!

A music festival look is nothing without your accessories! Flower crowns are Coachella's iconic headpieces. They're super easy to make and add to the "flower child" touch! If they aren't your thing, floppy hats are another wonderful option to keep your face cool and away from the sun. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry! Don't forget your arm candy! Bracelets are the easiest way to add a touch of color to your overall outfit!

Besides the festival, these yellow wildflower fields only come once during spring. Be sure to keep your eyes out and catch them before they're gone!

Mellie Nellie Crop Top from Tobi 
Skirt from Pretty City