18 was a big year. Not only did I officially become an adult, I accomplished and tried out so many things I never would have imagine to do. But I guess that's the beauty of life; we do the unexpected every single day.

Last year I graduated high school at the top 10%; traveled to Korea for the first time; dyed my hair pink, then got an ombre; went back to Vietnam for the third time; started university at UCI and got a 4.0 my first quarter; got my license and car; attended a bunch of concerts; found my love for the music industry, rapping, and singing. But most of all, last year I started my fashion blog.

I may not be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being a normal college student and living in the dorms, but I have no regrets. When school started I was so scared that I would not be able to make any friends or become part of the school. But now, I realized that my life is busy. I'm a busy body. I am constantly on the run, trying to balance my life between school, fashion, and music. But that is who I am and I would not want to change anything.

The concept for this photoshoot has this eerie yet doll-like feel. Something that you would think of when you hear fairytales, magic, and fantasy. This tunic dress from Tobi has such a simplistic, clean cut that is so elegant and beautiful. A must have "little black dress" to add to your closet! To emphasize the beauty of this dress, I accessorized with metallic flash tattoos and a simple armband. And these UNIF platforms add just the right pop of color.

Cut in Deep Tunic from Tobi
UNIF Hellbound Platforms (can also be found on DollsKill