It's been a while since Coachella Weekend 1 ended, and yet I'm still missing that festival vibe. This was my second time going to Coachella, and compared to only going one day two years ago, I got to enjoy all three days this time! Warning: this is gunna be a long post cause I'm cramming all three days in!

Day 1

Hat from Australia / H&M Sunnies / Topshop Choker / Groceries Coverup / LF Stores Crochet Dress / Backpack from Vietnam / LF Stores x Matisse Booties

We didn't arrive to the venue until almost 5pm or so due to traffic coming from OC/LA to Indio! Plus we might have gotten a little lost going from the Tennis Courts (where you pick up the tickets) to our designated parking lot!

Since we arrived just a few hours before sunset, the weather wasn't all that bad! Accessories are a big must-have, must-do for music festivals! They're playful and colorful and go so well with all the creative and beautiful architect of the event!

Necklace from Rocksbox / Faux Fur Coat (from mum's closet) / Millau (LF Stores) Romper / YRU Platforms

Yes, I brought 6 different outfits for this 3 day event! A little bit crazy, I know. For this look, I channeled my inner diva and went for a faux fur coat, a black romper with white lace details, and paired them with platforms and statement jewelry! I definitely played with the light concept during the day and dark concept at night.

We ended the night by watching Alesso's set at the Sahara Tent. Let me just say that this tent is insane, especially at night. Trying to get from one end to the other is probably the most insane thing you'll do at the event. Being stuck in the middle of a pool of sweaty tired people was definitely not enjoyable. My friends and I took nearly 20 minutes pushing through the crazy mob to get to our destination.. But in the end we made it and Alesso was amazing.

Day 2

We arrived to the field around 1pm on Saturday, just in time to grab lunch before exploring the festival.  

Left Shark trash can!!!

Free People Floppy Hat / Stylenanda Coverup / Tobi "Mellie Nellie" Crop Top / Wildfox Shorts / Steve Madden Boots

Coachella is all about color, but for the second day I went with an all white look with some black and silver accents. The floor length coverup was a great way to keep cool and hidden from the sun. To boost up my edginess I found some chains and added them to my boots!!

Don't know what I'd do without my sistars. 

Alexander Wang x H&M Beanie / Motel Romper / Steve Madden Boots

Going along with the edgy theme, I wore a moon and sun printed romper along with a black beanie with "WANG" down the middle and my accessorized boots. This is such a simple outfit that's uber comfy for playing and dancing around. 

Couldn't go without some AFTERS ice cream! ($8 for a scoop though!)

Day 3

The last and final day. I had mix thoughts on this sunday. Part of me was just so over the heat, but the bigger part of me was starting to feel the sadness kick in. It's crazy how fast time passed by. One moment I was getting lost trying to find the parking lot, the next the festival is almost over.

The caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly, which also happens to match my shoes perfectly. 

Here's the infamous Sahara Tent during the day. Now imaging the crowd times 3 for night time artists!

Hat from Australia / Free People Top / Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals

Ah the Do-Lab. A crazy place for crazy people. Definitely an interesting experience!

Dimepiece Hat / Dress from Korea / Rocksbox Jewelry / Faux Fur Coat from China / Rumba Time Clutch / Steve Madden Boots

The last night I chose to wear all white once again, but this time I played more with the textures and patterns of each piece! Since the lace and fur are both feminine, I wore a cap and heavier shoes. The bright pink clutch was the best finishing touch to this look since this season is all about that pop of color!

I had been waiting all weekend for Drake's performance. Let me just say that this performance was crazy. Not necessarily because of Drake, but rather because of the audience. It was packed, people were singing, and the vibe everyone gave off was just so .... warm. I can also say now that I witness Madonna make out with Drake; although I was putting my vote on Nicki Minaj (aka my queen) being Drake's guest. Either way, it was a wonderful experience. 

 Coachella. Three days of music. Three days of fashion. Three days of food. Three days of being under the hot desert sun. Three days under the starry sky and chilly night. Three days of traffic and three days of breathing in sand and dust. But Sunday night got me feeling some way. Maybe because Drake was the last performance of the festival. Maybe because Monday was so near. Maybe it's because we were all just sharing the same feelings of the distant nostalgia that this current memory will soon become. Monday comes and everyone will be going back to their daily lives - back to reality.

Although this was my second time going, it really felt like my first real music festival. It was tiring but oh so worth it. But honestly, the experience I had would not be the same if it weren't for the company I went with. Music festivals are music festivals. It's the people that you spend time with there that makes all the difference. 

Thanks Coachella for the good time! I'll see you next year!

Festival photo credits to Riley.