Over spring break I had the opportunity to visit the Groceries Apparel factory in Los Angeles, California to see where they make all their garments! If you know me or have been following me, you'll know my undying love for all of their clothing!

At this factory they cut, pattern, and sew all the clothing. Down the street is the dye house where they take all their garments and transform them into these beautiful earthy, bright, and neutral tones and colors.

Groceries not only carries female and male clothes, they also carry kids and babies! 

While here I got to try on some sample products for the new season! Samples are the best because they are still in the process of being perfected. They go through countless of redesigns and rethinking before being made to sell. It just goes to show how much time and effort are being put into each article of clothing. 

Groceries is an LA-based fashion brand that uses 100% recycled and organic materials like hemp, eucalyptus, milk, and recycled plastic water bottles. Their name Groceries derives from exactly that. The materials used for clothing are made from what you can find at the grocery store! 

Groceries Apparel is the perfect brand for all your "basic" necessities. They combine comfort with style through their intricate cuts, subtle details, and gorgeous colors. They're such a great brand for a vast audience - the whole family can wear them. But it's not only their clothes that captured my interest, it's their manifesto that captured my heart. 

Groceries strives to create good paying jobs and green textiles. Everything is manufactured in their local California factory using recycled and organic materials. They aim to empower people and bring natural ingredients to the fashion world. For more information you can visit their site by clicking here.   

Everything I wore is from Groceries, except for my boots which is Steve Madden

Special thanks to Alyssa and Rob for inviting me come, explore, and learn all about Groceries' clothing, designs, mission, and process. It was such a wonderful and incredible experience to see how everything is made and perfected. I can't wait to come visit again!

I hope you all liked this Venture with Vi and please make sure to comment your thoughts!

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