Simple clothing is my favorite. There's so much you can do with basic pieces. You can style them up, you can style them down. You can transform them into something classy or casual. It all depends on what you choose to accessorize or pair them with.

This white maxi dress from Groceries is so simply cut; yet it also feels like I'm draped in a blanket. The organic, recycled materials feels like a cloud against my skin. My biggest reason for loving Groceries is because I am not sacrificing style for comfort. I am getting both, and I am helping the environment!

For this dress, I chose to dress it up a bit by adding a lace top over. The black lace juxtaposes the pureness of the white floor-length dress and adds a more cutting-edgy but feminine feel to the overall look. I went for a more clean image by accessorizing with a watch and gold band.

Maxi from Groceries
Lace from my mum's closet
Watch by RumbaTime

Photographed by ruudes

A little bit ago I made a post about my trip to the Groceries Apparel Factory for my Ventures with Vi! Here is the complimentary video to it! Be sure to like comment and subscribe!