Earlier this spring Supreme and Undercover released a collab capsule that street wear fanatics went crazy over. This collection highlights textual graphics based on the Sex Pistol's 1977's song "Anarchy in the UK." After I started developing as a recording artist, I've come to associate Downtown Los Angeles with street wear. I love incorporating the masculinity of these street wear brands with my own style and forming a unique sort of identity.

Dance has been a part of my life for a long time, and having a private session at the studio with Ben Chung from Kinjaz (previously from Jabba Wockeez) made me realize that I should stop taking hiatuses. Dance is a discipline, an art form, and a creativity output. It's a way of expressing yourself without words. But with dance comes a good old-fashion cardio workout, which means sweating. And since it was getting late, the weather was getting chilly; so after dance class, I threw on one of my close guy friend's sweatshirt (note it's XL) and realized that this look was actually pretty on point.

I like to think of this look as my "Boyfriend Look" aka taking clothes from your man's closet and making them yours. I wore an XL sweatshirt and black shorts with leather panels on the side to create an oversized look. Because my hair was a mess from dance, I threw on a snapback and put the hood over it. My Nike Air Maxes summed up the whole look, making it sporty but comfy.

The key here is to make sure you know your proportions! Since the sweatshirt is quite large, make sure your bottoms are tighter - or in my case, I made sure you can still see my legs by wearing shorts. 

Stampd Snapback
Supreme x Undercover Sweatshirt
Shorts from ZARA
Nike Air Max 1 Ultra NYC