Here's to a new series: June Eats | A Story Told Via iPhone 6

If y'all follow me on instagram, you'll know how big of a foodie I am. "-Insert Month- Eats" will be a monthly post on the foods that I happen to eat and take a photo of! I know, contrary to my last post on fitness and health this may be a little crazy, but it is what I eat! Remember: it's all about portions and limiting yourself. Sharing is caring and knowing what to eat that is both healthy and delicious will be your best strategy (especially if you're a foodie like me). Without further ado, here is "June Eats" as told through square photos.

Top: Oh Yes! (Coconut H2O, Pineapple, Orange, & Banana) Smoothie from Juice Crafters; Souplantation Dinner; Pitaya Bowls from Birdie Bowl
Bottom: Strawberry Bingsoo from Caffe Bene; Salad from UCI; Hot Cheetos

Top: Party food during Chinese Class; Jasmine Milk Tea Milky Bun & Cookie Monster in a Waffle Cone from Afters Ice Cream; Avocado Toast from Haute Cakes Caffe
Bottom: Donuts from Sidecar Doughnuts; Dimsum from Capital Seafood; Lobster from New Island Seafood

Top: Bbq from Iota Brew Cafe; Homemade Oysters; Honey Butter Chips
Bottom: Quarters Kbbq, Green Tea & Black Sesame Bingsoo from Sul&Beans, Matcha Tea from Kazu Nori

Top: Hotdogs and fries from Wurstkuche; Salmon, Handrolls, and a Teriyaki Bento Box from Sushi on Fire; Mulitas from a Taco Truck in DTLA
Bottom: Candy from Sockerbit; Poke Bowl and Summer Ramen at 4th Street Market; Candy Fried Eggs from Sockerbit

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If you are waiting for my healthy guide to food, just wait a little longer! ^^ It's coming soon~