Finding Motivation | Tips for Maintaining that Beach Bod

All throughout my life I've constantly been stressing the importance of loving yourself and loving your body. Growing up through my teenage years was definitely hard, but I learned that the way to be happy is to be accepting and willing. We are all made a certain way; nothing can change that. We can only learn to enhance ourselves and expand from there. It's takes time and involves hard work, but the end results are worth it. People have asked me about what I do to get the body that I have and so today's post is all about maintaining that summer body.

Eating Healthily NOT Starving Yourself

You need to eat! Don't skip out on your meals! That's the biggest mistake you could possibly do. Your body needs you to eat and if you don't eat that could potentially mess up your metabolism. The key here is watching what you eat.

It's all about portions and what exactly you're eating. I like to eat small meals and some snacks throughout the day - that way I'm never starving or extremely full. I try to refrain from eating junk food, fast food, and drinking overly sugary drinks like soda. I do have a big sweet tooth and this crazy love for ice cream, bubble tea, candy...everything. So instead of always eating those things, I reward myself by getting them every once in a while. As for examples of healthy snacks,  stay tuned for a post on examples of what I eat on a daily basis! 

Finding a Workout that Works For You

Healthy eating alone isn't going to do much. You have to get your body moving and exercising. I look towards Youtube for this as well as what I find enjoyable. I like dancing, doing yoga, or pilates, so I combine that with workouts I find online that focuses on a specific area. For example, every night and morning I do workout routines that revolves around my core and my bum/thighs. If I have time, I'll go out to dance, yoga, pilates, etc. classes at the gym or dance studio. It's best to work out in the morning, but we are all busy so try and find some time whenever you can and then set that into a routine!

Two Key Factors

WATER and SLEEP. I cannot emphasize this enough. Drink lots and lots of water! Water is a beautiful thing, and if you think it's boring ... there's fruit infused water for that. Add a few slices of lemon and cucumber and you got yourself a citrusy yet refreshing drink. There are so many recipes online! What helps me keep track of how much water I drink is an app on my iPhone called Plant Nanny. It's an adorable app where you create your own garden and raise plants depending on how much water you drink a day. It's great motivation cause who wants to kill a plant?! need it. Being a college student, I thoroughly understand that getting the full 8 hours of sleep is extremely difficult, but that's what summer is for! Try creating a better sleeping schedule - whether that's going to bed an hour earlier or taking naps throughout the day. Your body needs to have some rest. Some things can wait while you shut your eyes for a bit. They'll still be there. 


When I eat healthily and work out, I can feel it everywhere. Not only does my body look nice, my insides feel cleaner and I'm much more happier. The results clearly shows and once you see them, you're not going to want it to go away. It's a constant cycle of consistency~ It's okay to splurge and indulge every once in awhile. We are human after all. But don't forget that just because you see great results one day, you shouldn't do whatever you want the next. You have to keep being determined and motivated and dedicated. 

If y'all ever need any help with anything, please don't be shy to let me know! I'm here for you, always.

Swim suit from H&M
Metallic tats from Dash of Flash