I have a love hate relationship with the beach. I love running out in the morning and evening to catch the sunrise and the sunset - seeing the sky change colors in just a few moments. I love biking to the pier and Main Street and enjoying the atmosphere. I love gathering sea glass and seashells while dodging the seaweed. What I don't particularly like is the sun. While I do admit that it's rays bring a certain comfort and warmth, my skin is just too attracted to it. One trip to the beach without sunblock, an umbrella, and cover up and my skin will be ten shades darker. Some call it a blessing, but I prefer to stay the tone I am now! 

Which is why this tapestry from Ankit is a great item to bring to the beach. The vibrant and warm colors are perfect for the summer season while the elephant print makes it a bold statement piece of fabric. I chose to use this tapestry as a coverup and blanket.

Going to the beach calls for fun and comfort! There's no time to worry about accessories. So, to amph up my look, I put on some metallic tats from Dash of Flash and little anklets with a sun hat!

Happy Summer~