Finally, here is the last part of my interview for LUPE Magazine, shot by Jun Shim. I hope you guys enjoyed it. ~

14.     I heard you love traveling to different countries. Which country has impressed you the most? 

All the countries I have been to are all different and unique in their own way. They all have their own stories filled with beautiful people, breathtaking sights, and individual culture. My favorite country from Europe would have to be Italy! I went when I was young, but I remember being taken away by all the sights! But with my lastest trip to Europe made me love the Netherlands! I met a bunch of amazing friends while attending and MUN Conference at The Hague. In Asia, I love Vietnam and of course Korea! Vietnam is where my parents came from, and growing up I heard all these stories about their childhood. Going back was like a dream. Vietnam still has that balance of the old and the new – ancient towns like Hoi An and Halong Bay and modern cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang! Korea is simply a gem! I will explain more in the next question ~

15.     You have been to the Republic of Korea? Could you tell me what your impression was about the cities and images of Korea?

I went to Korea last summer for the first time, and fell in love! I stayed in Garosugil throughout my trip, and it was just a wonderful experience. Korea has this impressive transportation system that makes traveling so convenient. Since I love sweets, I was always trying to find cafes with lots of desserts. They’re so trendy and delicious at the same time! One time my mom and I decided to go to 경복궁 by ourselves from Garosugil, and we ended up exiting the wrong subway exit, so all we saw was the palace walls and one gate! But at that gate, we got to see the differences between the ancient Korea and the modern Korea, which was amazing to see. It was so beautiful, and we took many pictures. Another reason for visiting Korea was to see all of my friends~

16.     What kind of things you are impressed when you were in Korea?

Everything! Whether it was the people, the fashion, the food, the music, the shops, the transportation system, the sights, the manners, the beauty products, the artists…everything left a great impression on me! I really want to travel to Busan and see the seaside, go during the winter and see the snow, but also during the spring to see the cherry blossoms in 여의도 공원. 

17.     What do  you think about K-food?

Uh, one word: delicious! I think out of everything my favorite is still the 반찬 at Korean BBQ!  Another great thing about Korea and food are the delicious snack foods, drinks, and ice cream at the convenience stores – perfect for late night cravings. One time when I was sick, my friend Amber introduced me to 설렁탕 and I’ve been craving it ever since – I haven’t been able to find a good설렁탕 place in LA yet. The desserts in Korea are also unbeatable. I miss eating 팥빙수 with all of my friends too.

18.     Which breaking news all over the world are you interested in nowadays?

In high school I was in a program called Model United Nations, which is a mock United Nations! In MUN we debated and did mock trials regarding current problems the world is facing like human trafficking, cyber security, controlling weapons of mass destruction, or women empowerment. I traveled to the Netherlands for an MUN conference my last year of high school, and that truly opened my eyes and made me realize that I want to help the world and work international. Lately I’ve been seeing articles about the Greek debt crisis as well as the efforts to raise awareness and attention to equality and human rights and all around the world. It is 2015, so it’s even more necessary to make sure that all humans are seen as equal. 

19.      Can you describe the day you did the photoshoot for <LUPE>?

A week before the shoot my 사장님 told me that a photographer from Korea is coming and that he set up a photoshoot for us. I remember coming in to the studio and being pretty intimidated by Jun, but after talking to him about my clothes and what we wanted to shoot I felt comfortable and excited! We were only planning to do two different looks, but we ended up doing four. I really enjoy working with Jun, and I admire his photography very much! After we finished shooting, we all went out to eat sushi down the street from the studio~

20.     How did you think about working with Jun Shim who’s a photographer? Were you satisfied with the day and work?

Not only is Jun Shim a fabulous photographer, but such a great person! I had a really enjoyable time shooting with him at the studio. The way he works is very fast, but he is also very calm and it was great to learn his style of photography. He gave me directions, but also made sure I was comfortable. I definitely would love to shoot with Jun again when I am in Korea!

Leather Crop Top by Millau (LF Stores)
Vintage Lace
Black Jeans by Carmar Denim (LF Stores)
UNIF Dame Platforms

Photographer / Jun Shim<심형준>
Editor / Chungsup Lee <이충섭>
Model / Victoria Loi

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And that concludes my LUPE Magazine! I just want to say thank you so much to Jun, Chungsup, and the ST5A family~