Following the previous post, here is the second part of my interview for LUPE Magazine shot by Jun Shim. To see the first part, click here ~

6.     I heard you love reading and going to trendy food places. Can you recommend the greatest restaurants you've been to all over the world? 

Yes! In my spare time, I love reading books and going out to find new places to eat! I’m a huge foodie…if you couldn’t tell by my Instagram. In Los Angeles, I love going to Dinette and Commissary at the LINE Hotel for brunch and Sugar Fish is always great for lunch! My favorite Korean BBQ place is definitely Quarters in Ktown, LA. After going to Europe, it’s hard to choose the greatest restaurant because there are so many! But I really enjoyed eating waffles in Belgium and escargot in Paris! In Vietnam there are a bunch of delicious places to eat depending on what you’re in the mood for. In Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, I love eating dinner at 3Cu or Quan Ngon! For dessert and cafes, L’Usine, MOF, and Fanny Ice Cream. But my favorite thing to do in Vietnam is eating street food with my friends. There are so many places in Seoul that I absolutely adore. I love eating at Coreanos in Apgujeong or drinking coffee at Coffee Smith in Garosugil. One of my favorite ice cream places in Garosugil is actually Como Siempre. They have so many different flavors to choose from! But just like Vietnam, what I really love about Seoul is all the street foods and street vendors. 계란빵 and 호떡 are the best!

7.     What type of foods do you like the most? 

I love all types of food! I am not a picky eater and I love trying foods of all different cultures! I have a big sweet tooth and my favorite desserts are panna cotta, parfaits, and ice cream! My favorite fruits are peaches and tropical fruits - dragon fruit and soursop! If I had to choose food that are not sweets, I would say a Vietnamese noodle dish called “bun thit nuong nem lui” and “banh khot” and 비빔냉면!

8.     What movie do you love the most? 

Hmmm, I love action and martial arts movies, but I also love those cheesy love stories. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

9.     What musician do you fancy the most? 

As a rapper, I truly admire Nicki Minaj and 윤미래. Both female rappers are incredible in their music and as human beings. Besides rap music, I love listening to other genres. If you look at my iTunes it will go from Beenzino, to f(x) (I LOVE AMBER), to Drake, Giriboy, Phantom, Bruno Mars, Big Bang, Ed Sheeran, Hyukoh, and 2Pac.

10.  In my opinion, you have a nice body shape. Gorgeous! How do you manage it? (e.g Do exercise twice a week, have a meal in a day, drink lots of water, etc.)

Awh, haha thank you! Health is very important to me, especially as a model. When I was 12, I was lucky to be trained by Lisa Dean, a supermodel. She taught me all that I know about eating healthily and maintaining my diet. I think the key to maintaining a nice body, is motivation and knowing what to do for your body! People think that skipping meals and not eating will help them lose weight, but that is not the case! I eat my meals, but I eat in portions. I have small healthy meals and snack. I drink around 7 glasses of water everyday and exercise twice a day. Another key thing to do is sleep! Getting enough sleep is important for your health. Too much stress and not enough sleep can cause weight gain. But honestly, be happy with who you are! Everyone is beautiful, and it is all about loving, accepting, and bettering yourself ~

11.  What type of fashion style do you usually wear?

My fashion is just Vi! There’s no specific style that I usually wear. I wear whatever I am in the mood for. Lately I’ve been in love with the minimal / unisex look. I like to wear street fashion, but I also love dresses and skirts. I can be edgy, girly, sporty, casual, or formal. I like to try new styles and play around with mixing vintage and the latest trends.

12.  I reckon you have nice, long and curly dyed hair. Do you have any reason you are having that hair style?

There’s no specific reason! I dyed my hair last year when I was in Korea and haven’t dyed it since it grew out naturally! The ombre style just fit my look (for now)! I’m actually thinking about trying something different soon, but I’m not sure what to do yet. I have naturally straight hair, but the natural wavy hair is my style! I love curling it into effortless waves by using the curling wand!

13.  Can you tell me your ideal type?(e.g humourous man, gentle man, stylish man or African, europian, and smart Asian guy. J sorry, it’s a bad sense of humour)

Oh, this question is hard! I like relationships to happen naturally or maybe like destiny? If I meet a man that I like…I will just know! But if I had to choose my ideal, “perfect” boyfriend. I like someone that is older than me – someone that is intelligent, understanding, and can be my companion and best friend. Also, I love fashion and pictures, so I hope he would be okay with me styling him and taking pictures together!~ ^^

Halter Top by Tobi
Carmar (LF Stores) Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Photographer / Jun Shim<심형준>
Editor / Chungsup Lee <이충섭>
Model / Victoria Loi

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