Outfits by Homme Femme LA
Carmar Denim | Louis Vuitton boots | YRU platform sneakers

There was a quote going around the internet stating how fall, the season, is called fall because everything's falling - the leaves, the weather, etc. This season is often associate with a slight sadness, at least in my opinion. We no longer have the feelings of new beginnings like we do in the spring; we no longer have the light-hearted, playful nature of summer. Instead we are now facing a period of letting things go. Everything that happened from the beginning of the year up till now, we must learn to accept and move on from in order to prepare ourselves for the cold, harsh reality of winter and the start of the new year.

Fall fashion, on the other hand, differs from letting things go. Rather, it is about putting more on. This season has been all about oversized, accentuated structures, military, bold text, and prints. Homme Femme LA, a brand quite dear to my heart, released a fall/winter collection titled "By Any Means Necessary: Redrum," which is featured in this lookbook. 

Make sure to check it out and stay tuned for more releases.