Elvnthhr Hoodie | Elvnthhr Flannel | Boots from thrifting

Not sure whether it has to do with the rise and fall in temperature or if it's just the school year kicking in, but I found myself leaning towards laziness and comfort when it comes to picking out clothes. Instead of getting all decked out, all I want to do is throw on an oversized hoodie and call it a day... but where's the style in that?

I've become very picky with that types of pull-overs that I really like, and so far I've come to some sort of pattern.

1. oversized is a must: if I'm able to look like I'm not wearing pants and get away with it then it's a yes for me
2. droopy sleeves: gotta make sure the sleeves are long enough to cover my hands. this could be the laziness in not wanting to invest in gloves just yet, but it's also fun to wave the sleeves around
3. the design speaks: how the cut is... is it unique? does it speak for itself? is the design something that I like or is it just hype?

This hoodie, essentially, fits all those bullet points mentioned above. Hence why it's one of my favorite pieces this season. Plus, the sleeves have pockets, so I can't see how you can go wrong with that. So yes, hoodies are a must have this season and hoodies are a lazy girl's best friend.