Stylenanda beret | Eleven Paris sweater | Zara skirt | Public Desire boots

Growing up I've always been a cry baby. I cry in movies; I cry when I'm happy; I cry when I'm sad; I cry when I see someone else crying. I used to think that being emotional was a bad thing, but it wasn't until recently that I realized... no, being emotional is not something to be ashamed about. In fact, it's good to be emotional as long as you know how to control it to an extent and not let your emotions affect your daily life on a huge scale. 

Being able to cry and let out all of those feelings and stress is actually quite healthy for your body, so every now and then it's good for you to have a good sob. But once you've had your cry, you must pick yourself up and continue forward! Don't drown in your tears. Embrace them and let them guide you to the next step.

For the past few years, Eleven Paris has been one of my top brands to look out for. This F/W season is quite possibly my favorite collection thus far. Since the weather is starting to get slightly chillier, I paired a crewneck sweater with this adorable mini patent skirt, which features a zipper down the front. The outfit is bold yet darling - aka for those wanting to make head turns while still being comfy.

"Girls Don't Cry," in my opinion, is basically telling everyone that girls are strong. We are independent and we know what we want. We don't have time to waste our tears on silly situations and negative people; hence, why we don't cry. Yet crying is inevitable and it's part of our natural selves. So we hide our tears and tread on.

Stay tuned for more.