I've always wondered what it would be like to live in a place that snowed. Waking up to the chilly morning air, sipping on coffee while eating breakfast, stepping outside and seeing a fresh layer of snow had fallen. There's something so magical about that setting, something you only see in movies. 

Typically during winter break, my family and I like to travel abroad. This year we decided to stay in the country and explore a little more of where we call home. We drove about 5 hours northeast to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park in California and spent three days and two nights in a lodge in the middle of the forest, high up in the mountains.

I'm a city and beach girl. Snow is not normal for me, nor is the cold. However, I welcomed the mushy ground and the cool temperatures with open arms. It was such a different environment for me. We had very little wifi and absolutely no service - basically cut off from the world of technology and social media. I guess you can say it was a much needed break. 

The weather was a blessing. We came when the skies were clear and just before more snowfall; although, it would have been incredible to see that. It was the perfect balance of true winter temperatures and that notorious California sunshine.

Throughout this trip I brought with me sweaters, jackets, gloves, beanies, etc. - everything needed to fight the cold, I had. However, what saved me the most, surprisingly so, was this fluffy sleeping bag. Growing up I was always fond of sleepovers and building blanket forts and tents. As I grew up, those feelings of adventure and imagination never ceased. Thus, when given the opportunity to collaborate with Pottery Barn Teen, I was ecstatic to find this gem of a sleeping bag.

Now most people think of sleeping bags as just another necessary item to bring along when spending the night somewhere - whether that be for camping or a friend's house. People don't really think much about the style, as it's merely a sleeping bag. Yet this one effortlessly brings the portable sleeping situation to a whole new level. When people think of glamping, they think over-the-top camping, but you have to admit it's an elegant experience. This sleeping bag is the equivalent of a glamping sleeping bag. It was so incredibly soft, well-cushioned, and warm...most of all...picture perfect. It's definitely a lovely gift to receive this holiday season!  

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn. All opinions expressed are my own.