After spending the holidays outside of the country last year, I truly missed Christmas at home.
The smell of candles burning, the flickering of Christmas lights, the holiday decorations, the classic Christmas tunes - everything that makes Christmas feel like Christmas.

Every year I find myself relating more and more to the Grinch. A little misunderstood, hands always cold, sometimes grumpy, a litttlleeeee sweet, and definitely in need of some love and affection. 

One of the greatest things about the winter season is burning wood in the fireplace. There's something so cozy and warm, not just the temperature, about it. Bundled up in blankets, sleeping bags, or just in PJs and reading a good book or listening to music... what more could you possibly ask for during winter break?

This Christmas I teamed up with Pottery Barn Teen and got cozy around the fire. Best. Decision. Ever. The furry beanbag, sleeping bag, and pillows define my current interior aesthetic. Combine that with the animated and vibrant Grinch decorations and you get the perfect balance of Christmas and chic.

Not having the opportunity to dorm during my university life, I found it hard to rearrange and change my room - let alone my house. But if I were to move out on my own, I'd definitely want a few beanbags for my friends to lounge on. They're legit so comfortable and fun! Maybe it's just my younger self filling the void of never having a beanbag before. I guess it's just a necessary item for a (wo)man cave. Am I right? Perfect for teens and young adults.

So, for this Christmas, anyone who's looking for some comfy yet stylish interior items for their youngin's ... definitely check out PBTeen!

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn. All opinions expressed are my own.