But were you really in Paris if you didn't go see the Eiffel Tower?

Woodzee Sunglasses | Naccessories Necklace | Tobi Lola Front Tie Skater Dress  | Nasty Gal Leather Jacket | Carmar Denim | Both Shoes by YRU

The last time I went to Paris was 11 years ago, and the clearest memory I had was crying and being upset at my dad while looking at the Eiffel Tower. This trip I wanted to make the most out of it and see this beautiful, symbolic landmark at all angles.  

Thanks to some locals (shout out to mah boys over at Givenchy), we found this perfect spot without the craziness of tourists on a bridge where you can see the Eiffel Tower. Every time the sun came out, I'd throw off my jacket to take photos in this dress. Paris is a romantic and fashionable city. With the wind, I guess you can say I had a Monroe moment.

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Here's a tip for all y'all wanting to go visit the Tower without wanting to wait in lines longer than Disneyland: reserve tickets before hand!!! We got to skip those nasty lines and go straight up to the second floor. There is where most people stop to see the city view. Wanting to go above and beyond (quite literally) we went straight to the top floor, which was even more breathtaking. If you're scared of heights, put that aside because it's seriously so incredible. 

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