Urban Outfitters beret | Syndrome tee | Stylenanda choker | Forever 21 skirt | YRU sneakers

Two obsessions: Banana Milk & Skating. During my trips to South Korea, I'd wake up every morning and run out to the nearby convenience store to grab a Banana Milk & Coffee Milk pouch. It became a daily routine. While the Banana Milk we have in California isn't nearly as cute, it brings back summer memories. Same with skateboarding. I've always wanted to learn how to skate, but was always too scared to actually step on one. However, last summer I told myself to just get over that fear and learn. So while I was in Seoul Amber taught me how to skate, and since then I was gifted a cruiser for my birthday (thanks Natalie & Ryan) and have been ever so slowly practice my skating skills. If you're wondering, I'm still a noob. (Check out that skating video here).

Bringing the school girl vibes in honor of my last two weeks of sophomore year in university. For this look, I matched a text tee with an A-line skirt to accentuate my waist and elongate my legs. I accessorized with a text-featured choker and beret. Sneakers are a must for this look because I'm obvs on the go with my skateboard and banana milk. Gotta move quick while still looking cute. Hmm, all I need now is a piece of toast and it's time for school?