In life, everyone wins as long as you pass the line.


BAPE NYC 10th Anniversary Hoodie | Louis Vuitton "Laureate Platform Desert" Boots | Krude Supply Cap

Right now is a growing stage. Everything is a little confusing, and I often find myself overthinking things small and large. I worry a lot and I strive to be a perfectionist. I think and feel too much, and I tend to let my emotions override my senses. I have ambitions and goals and a fear of not meeting them.

Yet over the weekend I’ve come to some enlightenment. Life is going to hit you no matter what. Whether it’s when you least expect it or when you’re ready to welcome it with open arms… life will hit you and the only way to get through that is with positive thinking. 

It’s okay to be afraid and it’s okay to worry. Essentially that’s what makes us human. But to let bad thinking or a bad experience stop you from doing something you truly believe in.. it’s not worth it. I’m learning to be more independent and I’m learning to be more accepting. And sure it’s a new feeling for me, but I’m happy with this new mindset because this is the only way to grow.