Everyone has faults and weaknesses; it's inevitable. You just gotta understand and learn to grow from them ... Otherwise, you'll find yourself stuck in the same position over and over again, thinking about how your life can be so much "better" or "different" instead of actually taking the initiative to change and improve.

KORE hat | KORE jacket | LF Stores bodysuit | Louis Vuitton sneakers

I had a long talk with someone who's like a big brother of mine over the weekend, and I came to realize something very important. In any sort of relationship, there will be faults. As a pisces and as a dreamer/idealist, I have the tendency to let my imagination take over my reality and I crave for perfection. But that's not how life works. Whether it be your friend, your lover, someone in your family...not everyone is going to live up to your expectations. And that's okay. That's what makes us all human. As friends and as people in general,  we have to accept each others' faults in order to build a long-lasting relationship. Spread more love and understanding rather than hate and violence. We need to some genuine happiness in this crazy world.

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