Escaped from a fairytale, a story of a damsel not in distress. 

Oscar de la Renta Coat | H&M Maxi | Decao Culottes | YRU Platforms

On a cold spring day, she found herself wandering the palace grounds. Wearing a dress while exploring is simply unconventional. Yet, abiding to palace unspoken rules, she decided to wear an olive colored maxi dress with culottes underneath - combining her playful yet elegant nature. It was a crowded day to say the least. Half the time annoyed with the winding and unwinding of lines, the other half in awe at the age-old paintings scattered throughout the inner palace walls. If she had to choose one word to describe this adventure, it'd be mystifying. There were so many mysteries and hidden secrets that she was dying to uncover, but the day could only be so long... Until next time, Versailles.   


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