Zara hat | Motel dress | Elvnthhr flannel | Louis Vuitton boots

It may be insanely hot, but I attempted to wear a flannel with my go-to black dress. This flannel has particular special meaning to me, simply as I received it as a gift and was made specifically for me. A one-of-a-kind flannel with extra long sleeves... just the way I like them.

It's summer and I'm currently in Seoul, South Korea. As a third year in university, I felt like now was the perfect time to go on a self-discovering journey... and what better way than to make that journey half way across the world with some of my best friends? Has anything changed? I'm not sure. I feel like that's something you'd have to ask me when I get back to my normal, daily life. Right now, just as always, I am taking my days one by one and trying to make the most that I can.

On this particular day I followed my friend to what is the Silicon Valley of South Korea. Here you can find thousands of business men and women dressed in suits and business attire. Amongst all the futuristic buildings was this completely out of place park and river. Knowing us, we took a break and walked there from the office to take some pictures under the hot Korean sun... which was actually not a hinder towards lighting... surprisingly.

I guess you can say that the overall concept of this shoot is an escape from the city. Almost like a dream. Stepping way from the craziness and entering a new world of serenity and tranquility. No matter how big of a workaholic you are, we all deserve a break every now and then.

Photographed by Riley Tollett

Location: Pangyo, South Korea