Sigh, I've never been a fan of starting school in August simply because I always felt like August was meant to be a summer month. School should be from September to June, right? However, I can't complain since all UC schools (except Berkeley for some reason) start late September... which gives me an extra month for summer festivities.

But while I am on my adventures in Seoul, many are already starting school... this week! So before I left I complied a few outfits fit for the back-to-school season with Rut & Circle!

These three looks showcases three different girls; however, the outfits are styled in a way that anyone could wear! Nothing can go wrong with a simple jean short, crop top, and bomber... just like how nothing can go wrong with some baggy jeans, a crop top, and of course a bomber. For a more feminine touch, i love wearing a simple white dress and accessorizing it with a belt and a floppy hat!

And there you have it! A simple back-to-school lookbook with Rut & Circle