First post of 2017! Here's to a new and exciting year. 
This year I'll finally be 21. No more in that awkward stage of no longer being a teenager and not quite an adult yet. I'll be finishing up my third year of university, starting my fourth year, and studying abroad. This means there's a lot of academic and work schedules to look forward to this year. Excited? Yes. Terrified? Also yes. But I guess this is what happens when you grow up.

Banana Republic blazer | Banana Republic t-shirt | Carmar Denim (LF Stores) jeans | Gucci heels

Being a third year at university really puts adult life into perspective. It's about time for interviews, internships, jobs, grad school applications, etc., etc. More often than not, confidence plays a major factor in job interviews and auditions. People look for someone who can carry themselves and who believe in themselves and their abilities. But always remember there's a fine line between being confident and arrogant. This can all be a bit overwhelming ... but if you look the part, you're already half way there.

For me, dressing up in a basic pantsuit or slacks and a blouse is a bit too boring. While it may be the standard, you fail to show off your individual style and flare. (Note: this is not the case for every job interview!!! Make sure to do your research before hand on the company!!) This polkadot blazer is fun, playful, yet professional. Hitting at the hips, it gives a slight flare that accentuates your figure. Since it isn't the typical blazer, I paired it with a turquoise powder blue t-shirt, denim jeans, and pumps. However, the key statement piece to top this look off is the handkerchief. The floral design completes the casual business attire with a hint of vintage attitude.

Since it is the beginning of the new year, start it off with a bang and dress the part. Nothing can stop you, especially from looking good! You can do it! Good luck~

This blog post was sponsored by Banana Republic. All opinions stated were my own.