Outfit from Luke Vicious (HBxWM) | Jeffrey Campbell "Rude Boy" Oxfords (Nordstroms)

The key to any sort of relationship is communication. If you aren't talking to each other or getting your thoughts across, how will the relationship develop? You'll never be able to understand someone unless you hear from them. And if you don't ... silence it itself is a conversation. And those types of conversations kill. 

I may not have the most experience, but one thing I do know is that nothing will work if you are not communication. How can you truly understand someone unless you talk to them? More than just asking about how their day was or what they ate. I want conversations about dreams, aspirations, their childhood, the books they read and the movies they watch, what kind of music they like and dislike, what they think about the world and whether or not they think a planet like Earth exists far beyond our galaxy. Topics of meaning and topics that are minuscule. Just topics that will help understand a bit of their minds and their feelings.

So happy for my friend Luke! Congratulations on working with Hypebae/Hypebeast! You guys can find his pieces on his website and on HBxWM!!! Check out the links above (: